Is anyone else like this?

I'm a really nice calm person. I get irratated and annoyed by people, but I just avoid them. I rarely get angry angry or mad.

But when I do, I become a complete pyscho. I will literally slit your throat, beat your ass, put Nair in your so shampoo, etc.

I don't like people fucking with me after I said stop.

A guy kept fucking with me and his ex girlfriend. Some of his friends left me alone and some of his friends think I'm playing.

If I wasn't a good girl, I'd stab them or shoot all of them. But that's mean... but it does take a lot not to indulge in your evil desires.


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  • You're scary, and that is my honest and wholehearted opinion. Anyone who fantasies about killing is someone I want to stay FAR away from.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope


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