How do I let her know that I am Interested in dating her without sounding weird about it?

As the title says. I met this girl and I'm getting an interest in her, we're both looking for a relationship but never actually considered talking about dating each other. I want to break the ice without sounding too weird or off to her. Any tips?


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  • You don't need to tackle that question directly. Just ask her if she would like to meet you for dinner on a Friday or Saturday night and, if she says "yes," be ready to suggest a few nice places that are "first date worthy." Let her select one and then ask what time she would like for you to pick her up. Remember to make a reservation and she will be impressed.

    • I like that idea! We're going to meet in September for the first time but we haven't really said what we should do, but I was thinking something like that. Paying for the dinner or maybe the movies.

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    • Yeah she is 20 years old

    • @Logorithim That aspect of the situation is not familiar to me. Yes, things elsewhere are not necessarily the same as in the US.

  • OK, well, how do you know her? That's a crucial Detail.

    • We matched on Tinder like 3 weeks ago. I started dating another one I matched with but we kept talking and eventually just kept it as friends as she knew I was with another girl, but now that the other "relationship" is over I'm taking an interest in this girl. But I'm not sure if she is still interested in me in the same way after 3 weeks of casual talking

    • It would be a turn-off for her if you turn your Attention to her just because Things didn't work out with the other Girl, so ask her out on a date and don't address the other Girl unless she asks.

    • Yeah that is what I am thinking about. I don't want her to think that she is some kind of second hand option.

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