Guy I'm dating has not been online since August 7th - has not read my messages - has not replied to texts?

My cell phone tells me when people read my messages - if he left me on read it would mean he was ignoring me but according to messenger - he hasn't even read any of my messages! I don't even know if he is alive right now. He told me he had 2 heart conditions. He might be in the hospital getting surgery somewhere. He told me he had a mental problem - he might be seeking treatment for it somewhere in a psyche ward. I just want to know that he is still alive. What do I do? He has an executive role in a club at school so I could go to school to see him if I wanted to but I decided I wouldn't go unless the events were in the evening because if I go during the day people will know I'm unemployed. He missed 2 semesters and dropped all his classes except one for another semester so its possible he might not even be at school in September. What do I do?


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  • Call the cops


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