How to start a conversation going and what to talk about on tinder?

So, I'm just an 18y old guy that made a tinder profile and got a few matches already... Before I start messaging and fucking things up... I'm going to start my last year in a computing school and basically I don't know any girls or hand out with any so that's why I wanna try tinder... There are not a lot of users in my country and if i just start a conversation with "hey" and then some like questions like where she's from and where she goes to school and all that i know nothing will probably happen haha... So I don't know how or what to talk about with girls... If they swiped right on me is that a sign she actually thinks im cute? Its just difficult for me beacuse im so fucking shy it's unreal haha

And I already know a lot of you would say comment on the pictures and shit, but there's a lot of 1-2 pic profiles haha


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  • If they swiped right, they are attracted.

    I don't know how it works where you are but in the U. S. Tinder is just a sex site usually. You don't go there to find a mate. So I suppose it depends on what you want and what you've put on your profile.

    By what you're making it sound is like you genuinely want a relationship so I would open up as you have and make sure to ask questions. Read their profiles to ensure that they are interested in a relationship as you are.


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