What was the worst lie your partner/ex told you?

Mine was that the guy I like told me that he's single and his wife cheated on him. Turned out that he's married and he's the one cheating.


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  • She said she didn't have a boyfriend
    She did. She always did

    • Don't you get annoyed/angry at people that they already have a partner, WHY pretend that they don't exist

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    • Well i told him from the word go that I am not interested in anyone who is in a relationship, even if its just casual talking (I feel uncomfortable) and I have stated how much I hated being lied to

    • Would you consider that similar to being rejected by someone let's say you ask someone out and they rejected you would you still want to be their friend?
      Doesn't make sense right?

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  • I'd be more upset that I was being lied to, then the actual lie itself probably. I actually can't think of any. So if I have been lied to, I never found out lol.

  • That she didn't find other guys more attractive than me


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