I'm about to ask a fairly serious question from the person that I like, thoughts?

"Hey if i'm not too deep in the friendzone, then i'm probably gonna ask you out when you turn 18. When i first met you i thought of you as a homie, someone i could just hangout with, make edgy jokes with, and send memes back and forth with, so i kept you kind of friendzoned. But you grew on me from the last three weeks and i thought that your were just too fun to talk to and play with, you would always do these little things that were cute and make me laugh. (you don't have to ask 'What?' everytime i snicker at something you do anymore, because now you'll know). Now you and your silly personality has to put up with me and my stupid remarks, even if we just stay as friends which i'm perfectly fine with, because i decided i'm comfortable around you." Some backround details: We are both single and are at the least okay with eachother. I'm 18 and she's 15, so you can see why i friendzoned her at first, i didn't really want to catch a case. We are already pretty close, but i think we got a little too close, like level ten friendzonage shit, let me explain. Even though we talk first thing every day, we stick with eachother all the time, we have eachother's Xbox accounts, laugh together all the time, find eachother really funny, and even watch Netflix with just the two of us, when friends ask things that sound like they are wondering if we are a couple the response is something along the lines of "we're friends" 𝐎𝐎𝐅, i guess i messed up a little. Now neither of us have actually gone out and asked what we thought of eachother but so far the only pronoun she's used to refer to me is 𝐹𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑛𝑑 and on a handful of occasions i have too, so i'm pretty sure i'm stuck. What would your reaction be, as a girl, to this message? Is it worth it? Is there anything i should change?


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  • Ok so your first and major problem is that there is a three year gap you are giving yourself. I don't think waiting til she's 18 is necessary. At 16 she is of consent. I'm not saying that your goal is to have sex with her let's be honest, it's in the cards for sure and will become important down the road.

    So the second thing I have to say is that you need to be aware that that long paragraph might do well in a Lifetime movie, it most likely won't work in real life. She'll interrupt or say something you aren't expecting. Just don't assume you'll be able to say that whole thing to her. Unless you tell her that she needs to wait and listen to what you have to say.

    Third thing, she might be scared since you both seem to have a good thing going. If she realizes you like her romantically it adds a whole new layer to this deck of cards and she might be uncomfortable with it.
    She hopefully will accept your proposal but that isn't a guarantee and bringing this out might backfire horribly. And if it does, well it's gonna change and break everything for both of you.

    Fourth and final, if she accepts know that she might have her own thoughts on this. Maybe she doesn't want to wait the three years. Which I don't believe you need to do anyway.


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