Why would a girl stay with her boyfriend if he finger another girl?


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  • I would say, guys can only see short term, when that do stupid crap like that, it might be worth considering the long term and asking it is worth it to keep him 5 years down the line, because short term thought he needs to go, long term thought, will he stop and be a SO worth keeping or is this a trend and he really just needs to go. Personally if my girl did that, I would want to give her another chance but it would not be allowed to be a repeat offense

  • She shouldn't! The girlfriend should leave his ass. This really happen? she is still with him?

    • Yeah i know someone that did this and she still with him which i thought it was stupid.

    • Yeah. Let her know she is because next time would be his penis. That's what it is leading to because she is fine with it. She shouldn't put up with it.

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