Would you be okay with your boyfriends female friend trying to match clothes with your boyfriend?


But she likes all of his posts on Facebookand often his mom even says she can kiss ass to him. One day she hung out with us. She was talking about getting a pair of shoes like my boyfriends. That’s cool... until she said “WE COULD MATCH”

Maybe I was being jelous but my first thought was “ um 😐 I don’t think so... that’s my job. That’s a cute copule thing... ill fight you”

LOL NO I wouldn’t actually fight her. Nor did I mention this to my boyfriend. I don’t need to..

But I’m just wondering if I’m just being jelous or would you feel the same?🤔


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  • I'd beat the shit out of her with one hand. I don't play around when it comes to MY PROPERTY OR MY THING. I actually did that once. She kept on tryna flirt so I beat her ass, went home and hickeyed him then wrote "Lollie's Property" On his neck.

    he's MINE BITCH

    • Ummm 😅 I wouldn’t actually go that far aha he’s not my property

    • It's a sexual thing when I say 'my property'. But yah, go on and live ya life, Poussin

  • How was the reaction of your boyfriend?
    And you are right to be jealous, if i were you i was so jealous too.

    • He was casual. Didn’t think much of it.

      I’m sure he likes him but he assured me he doesn’t like her. He’s in a band with her and she’s the lead singer. I’m always there at practice.

      Do you think he likes her though? 🤔

    • Sorry wrong question, do you think she likes him

    • Maybe she loves. But it's more important to see how your boyfriend feels. I hope he doesn't love her. If he loves her too, they'll probable date in the future and your boyfriend left you. First you should learn your boyfriend's opinion.

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