I am a 21 year old Virgin who has been suicidal/clinically depressed since 18. Will my mental issues prevent me from finding live in this world?

I am a OK looking dude who works out ( I have a bit of muffin top though lol) but I have attempted suicide in the past and have bipolar disorder. I dont think any woman in their right mind would want to be my partner. Sometimes when these thoughts run through my head it almost justifies my suicidal ideations. I don't know im really fucking sad and just needed to dump my brain...


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  • 1) Are you taking medication? There are some women that don't mind as long as you're taking medication to alleviate your disorders.

    Here's a dating site that particularly caters to those with bipolar disorders.
    But you could attempt a regular dating site as well.

    2) Anyone could come up with a rationalization to justify suicide. It doesn't mean it's logical or the best way. I would definitely seek a psychiatrist that will help you.

    3) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    Call 1-800-273-8255
    Available 24 hours everyday

    I don't know if you're in the U. S. but if you are, call this hotline whenever you feel the need to commit suicide.


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  • Girls. Very much unlike guys, generally look beyond mere physical when comes to relationship.

    To Girls in general, love is important. So is the feeling of security when with her man. Also, commitment, trust and leadership quality are important.

    Along those attributes, if you're a kind person, intelligent, have a good career, responsible and trustworthy, then very likely she will overlook your mental illness (as long as you're on medication)

    So work at other attributes that girls look at. After you find a girlfriend, you will probably feel better mentally and emotionally.

    Good luck.


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  • For every product there is a buyer

  • I have the same issues and I'm engaged


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  • I think when you fall in love with a person and really get to know them, your attitude towards these sorts of things changes. I may be wrong, but I feel as though there's not this view of "should I choose" but more "This is what my partner is going through and I have to help them through it." I've heard of extreme situations in which couples still stayed together. And, by the time anybody falls in love (true love I mean) baggage is almost certainly present.

    I would suggest talking to a therapist and a psychiatrist. That has helped me a great deal, despite my initial resistance. You need the help of a professional, not advice from random people online. My telling you you can find love- is that going to help? If it is, great. But I know, for me, I discard that sort of feedback immediately.

    I hope you find something that works for you and you do find true love.

  • Ur time will come n don't worry about ur mental health when it comes to a relationship just don't hide anything from the start wait for someone who accepts u for everything if they don't they ain't worth nothing speaking from experience


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