How do I ask the girl of my dreams to hang or go out??

i really wanna ask out the girl of my dream. she's so beautiful inside and out.when ever I'm with her I choke up and the words that come out don't make sense or there rushed. My voice gets really low and quit, this makes me not want to say anything to her which makes it really awkward for both of us when were together cause were just standing next to each other not saying anything... I don't feel like this in front of any other girl just her, my confidence goes down when I see her, I still try the whole puffed out chest thing but it just makes me look dumb. Bottom line I wanna get over this awkwardness and get with her and ask her out. How do I ask her? where do I take her? please don't just say coffee!


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  • chill I bet your a really cool guy and she thinks of you like that. but think of it this way if you didn't know some one would you go out with them. you don't have to be bbf with her just get to know her comman ground with you. think when your talking to her that you don't like her or you hate her but don't look like it. it gets you to come down and really think about what your saying. get into comverssations atlest 3 times a week and don't say hi every day in the ame spot god that's anoying. mix it up cuase I bet she love surpirzes and be genroues. take time to get ready and thnk! about what your going to say


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