Do you think it’s stupid you can’t message on Tinder or Bumble unless you get a match?

When I’m drunk I will message anyone but can’t because I can’t get the damn match I want.


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What Girls Said 1

  • No. I like it because then I can control who messages me instead of getting hundreds of messages from people I'm not interested in. It saves their time and mine.

    • People put nothing in their profiles on both those sites so you’re limited to swiping people based off looks. I would rather have someone who gives a damn message me than someone who just swiped right based off looks.

    • Women tend to be very picky too so you can’t put a meaningful message if they don’t swipe right on your profile.

What Guys Said 2

  • No, it makes perfect sense. Otherwise women would just recieve a million and one messages from desperate, cringe-worthy dudes who they aren't remotely interested in talking to.

    • I don’t see what the big deal is just delete the message. What are they going to do if a random guy they find repulsive asks them out in person?

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    • Yeah I know women receive a lot more messages but I don’t see the big deal though. Problem with apps like tinder is people don’t take it serious and treat it like a game. I think bumble was made specifically for women to learn to make the first move not because they didn’t want a bunch of unwanted messages.

    • That's entirely the reasons! Allowing women to be the one who decided whether to begin a conversation means that they don't have to engage with people they aren't interested in. Why would that be an issue? Some women receive hundreds, if not more, messages every day through apps and websites such as these. Ignoring why that would be both inconvenient and annoying is silly.

  • I dislike the swipe culture... it's so damn stupid. OkCupid is semi decent, but still stupid.


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