Is this a bad bio for online dating profile?

I wrote this, I am new to online dating so I am not sure if I did correctly:

I prefer cats over otters, otters over dogs. Story short, I am just not interested in your dog. Also, I am not American and have an accent so your mom won't like me. I find following a religion pointless. Norwegian cinema is the best. Summers are overrated. I do cheap graduate science work and plan to steal your jobs after graduation.


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What Guys Said 1

  • *long story short. It's a bit aggressive and confrontational, I think it might come off as a bit more playful if you got rid of the edgy religion jab

    • Yeah i deleted long cuz i had limited character. i wanna make sure no jesus freak swipes me right thou.

    • You might scare off more than just the zealots though, I think a Jesus freak or two would be worth it

What Girls Said 1

  • It just sounds like nonsense trying to be edgy to me. Nothing about you genuinely are or what about you is more interesting than the next woman

    • dont worry they dont read past "i have an accent" and get hard immediately. sorry i dont only steal your jobs but men too.

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