Would you date a pianist?

If no, what are your reasons?

Adrien Brody from the Film
Adrien Brody from the Film "The Pianist"
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Can't think of anyone who wouldn't. As long as I like him for who he is then him playing the piano is only a plus

    • I like that view! A girl once told me she would date me if I didn't play the piano. Would you wanna learn it if he taught you? Or play another instrument?

    • I already have a guitar (But haven't played it in two years), and yes I would definitely like to learn with him. My sis also plays the piano and it sounds really beautiful.
      I don't know what's wrong with that girl, she must be musically deaf or something to not appreciate it.

    • Whoa.. 2 years? Girl ya better dust it off and play that thing! xD I haven't played piano in only 3 months until yesterday. and It's weird because I'm a lot better than I was 3 months ago...

      Yeah, I wanna meet someone that hates music. Only so I can move as FAR away from that person as I can xD

Most Helpful Guys

  • It sounds too close to penis, and I'm strictly no homo

    • Ahh, yeah I completely understand! It's really the only rational and logical approach to this conundrum. 👌

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  • Why would that be a deal breaker for anyone?

  • Sure, why not? Would be interesting.

    • Would you mind her playing for hours? If she had a grand piano or upright, there would be no way to alter the volume. You think you could endure it? xD

    • No, I think I would be OK with it; in fact, I'd be willing to learn and practice myself.

    • Ayye that's dope! I'm tryna find me a girl that can play the cello. Hmu if you find one. xD

  • Yeah of course, I play piano as well and we could an ensemble/duet

  • I'm crushing on one now.

    • is it an unrequited crush?

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    • LOL. We're no longer in the same state, and it's not reciprocal. Even if she would I wouldn't.

    • Ahh okay, I suppose a little crush isn't harmful. We're only human. It'd be worse if you acted on those appetitive desires while in a relationship.

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