Have you ever experienced going back to dating “normal” after having dated someone out of your league? How did it feel?


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  • I don't think I consciously thought About it- it was just different.

  • Felt fine to me. I suppose the closest to that happening was one time when I dated a swimsuit model, and I don't know what she saw in me exactly. I thought of myself as reasonably attractive and in good shape and maybe "exotic" to some women for my biracial looks, but not the type to be interesting swimsuit models with all sorts of good-looking guys practically lining up for her attention while I didn't want to bother (sometimes I think the only reason she was interested in me is because I didn't show that level of awe towards her that many other guys did and just treated her like a normal person).

    And she was actually sweet and fun-loving and easy-going, into dancing and karaoke and with a very gentle demeanor in spite of a killer bod. So it wasn't like she was some conceited bitchy type as some might stereotypically think of a model. Yet being with her "humanized" her a lot to a degree. Even in a crude sexual context, I was so excited at first to undress her after seeing her photoshoots, but she was human enough. She had imperfections when everything came off and I saw her up close and personal.

    And that experience actually might have had the effect of making me less excited about such eye-catching girls since I didn't see that big of a difference from one who was still reasonably good-looking. That relationship was short-lived since she it became long-distance when she had to go to the Phillipines for a photoshoot, but at the end I found myself perfectly happy to date girls afterwards who weren't models.

    • Actually to some degree I might have actually preferred dating "normal" afterwards. Because with the model, I couldn't even go to a normal restaurant and leave her for a few minutes to go to the bathroom without finding some guy hitting on her. It got annoying to me how much attention she got from the opposite sex. With a "normal" girl, that might still happen here and there if we go to a bar or club or something, but it's not like I have to deal with it every time we're out in public.

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    • Like with the first very slim girl I described who wasn't initially my type (I found her slightly attractive, but not much, and only ended up getting together with her because I spilled my drink on her like a clumsy idiot), when I first undressed her I found a most ugly mole on her foot with a hair growing out of it. And it wasn't like I was some perfectionist who found that a turn off in such a passionate moment, but it was a blemish and I was a little bit surprised.

      But afterwards the experience felt so right, the connection was so strong, as though we were kindred spirits. And by that point I was so smitten for her that I even loved that ugly mole on her ankle. I wouldn't change anything because she became my idea of "perfection", moles and all, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize anything by changing it.

      So there's nothing better than perfection" and I found I don't need anything close to a model to feel that way for a girl. To the contrary the model didn't even make me feel that.

    • What I describe with the whole kind of feeling like you desire a girl more than anything else might be called "being in lust" by some people. I don't really care what we call it, but it was always important to me. I know that it doesn't last. It phased out a bit with my wife and it's not as though, after a decade of being together, I still get the urge to tear her clothes off every time I see her and have passionate sex 3 times a day. Some of that has worn off.

      But it's still so important to me that we had that. They formed lasting memories that affect my perceptions of who she is, and that past still echoes a bit whenever we're passionate.

      So I always found it very important that I could develop that kind of ridiculously strong desire to a girl, and I never felt anything close to that with the model. Nowadays I don't even see much of an appeal to someone so eye-catching. It's not even close to guaranteed that she could make me feel that way for her.

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