You think she’s cheating?

We where on face time talking about something then she looked at the clock and said shit I have to wake up in an hour and at this time it was 1am so We have school tomorrow and she starts at 730 but to me it raises an eyebrow cause when I asked she lied then said she ment to say 5:30 so she could pick up her friend she also told me her parents weren’t home earlier in the conversation.


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  • School might start at 7.30 but she leaves earlier to pick up a friend. Perhaps she needed some sleep before learning for a test? I don’t immediately assume someone is cheating unless there are other things that don’t add up.

    • They’re has been other shit that wasn’t adding up

    • So that’s why I’m skeptical right now

    • Then I’d confront her and see what explanation she has.

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