I'm dating a girl, but She's dating another one?

Ok this is my "problem". I'm dating a girl, we know each other on a dating app, and at the same time she is dating another guy. We aren't engaged but i like her very much, she's beautiful to me, she's very smart and sensitive and she told me that she's knowing another guy just to be honest with me. She said that she "don't know what she want", i'm ok with this 'cause we are hot engaged so i wanna make my best to be the one who she's going to choose but i don't know how to "Win" this sort of competition. I dont know the other guy but i'm not really confident with myself and i'm scared to lose her... I wanna a serious relationship, i'm looking for someone to love and she look like "the one" that i want

I'm looking for some advice and help here


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  • I doubt it. It's less "I'm confused" and more "let's string some boys along".


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  • Why can no one respect the "loyalty" part of a relationship anymore?

    She's an awful person for knowingly cheating on her boyfriend.

    And if you know but don't care anyway, you aren't much better off... because she's showing you right now that she has the capacity to be unfaithful which WILL burn you later if you and her wind up together.

    Why would you get with a girl who you KNOW is seeing someone else? There's are MILLIONS of single women out there, why not go after one of them?

    • We just dating, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet

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    • And they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend too... so I don't know, Maybe you're right but i wanna fight for her

    • You should never "compete". If she's making you "compete" then she really doesn't care about you (or him) and is stringing you along for her own amusement.

      So, she's either a cheater or a manipulator, and you really don't need to be involved with that.

      Take it from a guy who spent years chasing sex and women, and went through many relationships and even a failed marriage: sometimes you think with your dick and don't even realize it, and you need to step back and re-evaluate from a logical standpoint.

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  • Breakup

  • That's why you don't date someone from a dating app


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  • If you are sure that is what you want, then tell her you want an exclusive relationship

    • We are not engaged, how could i pretend this?

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    • We are not boyfriend and girlfriend... not yet

    • OK, tell her you want to be, though

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