Girls and guys, how do you get over a crush you spend a lot of time with?

I have a crush on a guy since April but I managed to burry my feelings and all but it's getting harder and harder to ignore what I feel because I know we are colleagues (since last Saturday) and also gonna be classmates in university. I also know, I don't stand a chance because I'm like a 4/10 while he is like a 9/10. We have talked with small breaks, we even sexted once and he seemed interested for a while but I know he is not actually because I asked him out once for a friendly date and he said no to even that. So, what are your best tricks to get over someone you will involuntarily spend more and more time with?


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  • There is not trick for that , slowly you will get bored of his behavior and move on.

  • Exhausting myself through heavy workouts.


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