Has the dating game changed too much for someone like me to keep playing?

I'm very glad women are starting to get their time to shine in the world, and are finally having their voices heard and their strengths shown. But, sometimes I feel as though what I'm looking for in a relationship doesn't exist anymore. People have changed so much, and I don't think I've changed with them.

My ideal woman has the following characteristics (and why I think this doesn't exist anymore):

- Would be a bit reserved and quiet... which is adorable to me. I believe women should have their voice, but some of their voices have become deafening.

- Would depend on me for certain things she admits to being unable to do on her own. Women these days are so independent and are quick to admit that "I don't need no man!" I want to feel needed, and this kills that for me.

- Won't take advantage of me, and genuinely appreciates me. People are so damn selfish, entitled, and lazy that the people who are truly appreciative and don't take advantage are becoming fewer and further in-between.

- Will actually COMMIT. About 50% of marriages fail (gets worse with subsequent marriages), with 85% of those divorces being initiated by women. No-fault divorces and the rise of female independence I believe has driven divorce rates skyward. "Till death do us part" has become "till I get tired of you or find someone better".

I want a partner, that leans on me, depends on me, is very affectionate, lets me take care of her without her taking advantage of me, wants me to protect her, needs me, and will truly work out relationship problems without simply throwing her hands up, giving up, and walking away.

So I ask... is a woman like this still out there? Does my idea of the perfect woman need to change? Or should I just stay away from the dating game?


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  • You can find a Woman like this, but it will take more effort. She will be Living her life and not be on a Dating site or in a bar.

  • I have a woman like this. They are still out there. Women think the same thing about good men, saying they have gone extinct. Keep your head up and keep looking. You'll find yours!


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