Are Asean men attractive?

Like Malaysians, Indonesians, Filipino, Thai and etc. Would you date them?
They're short and I just think that region and their ethnicity and their styles are overlooked a lot.

Not to be racist but I'm Asean as well.
Overlooked by East Asians, South Asians, Polynesians, Hispanic and Arabs due to their diversity.
Ok they're Southeast Asians. But yeah I thought it won't hurt to do a little research.


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  • Some are, some aren't, same as anywhere else really. If "short" is the worst you have to say for them, they obviously aren't doing too bad. I'd pick someone shorter than me over someone requiring a stepladder to kiss any day.


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  • Hey bro, I'm Thai-Malay, and I think I'm doing alright in the appearance department. I know most of us are short though, so I'm really grateful that I'm tall


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  • First off, Asians****, Second, im not attracted to Asians

    • First off, A (SEA) N is a term. They're Southeast Asians. It won't hurt to do a little research.
      Second off, That's how underrated ASEANS are. Even the term is overlooked :P
      Third, I respect your opinion.

    • Lol my apologies

  • You mean *Asian

    • A (SEA) N = SEA = Southeast Asian

    • I didn't get that either, might be a good idea to mention that acronym in an update. I've dated polynesians and didn't know that. They called themselves coconuts or by their country ie Tongans. I think coconut is sometimes used as a slur in some areas though so be careful with that one.

  • Sure!

  • Not to me

  • I don't find them attractive, Almost all of them have dark skin, beard and moustache (Which i really don't like on a guy)

    • What if they have light skin and don't like beard? I'm light skinned and its common here.

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    • Oh haha well, some may look like me, but I'm a mutt. My ancestry is mostly Malay, Persian (long story), a bit of Indian, and just a pinch of Chinese.

      I gotta admit, I'm too lazy to post pictures of the different ethnicities, but I recommend searching them up on Google images. Put in one of these keywords: Thais, Malaysians, Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Singaporeans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc. You'll see all sorts of people, from the working class to celebrities.

      The impoverished and working class tend to appear less physically attractive, but that's due to their unfortunate living conditions and malnourished history. I wish I could help them, but there's not much I can do besides volunteering my time and energy :/

    • If you ask me, I have almond eyes, light skin, long curly hair currently straitened and flat nose hehe I'm only 5'7 lol I'm actually mixed with Spanish and Chinese. Not so anonymous anymore hehe

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