Dating a navy guy?

Whats it like to date someone in the military? I've been talking to a guy for 2 months.(know him through a mutual) He is finally home and taking me out. If it goes well id really love to date him, but whats it like to date someone in the military?


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  • It can be tough- there are a lot of absences, i. e., deployments, TDY, Training exercises, etc. Communication and loyalty are absolutely crucial, as is seeing each other as much as possible.


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  • 98.9% of people in the military cheat on their partners. I hope you know that.

  • Takes a lot of patience and you need to go into it expecting to be alone for months at a time, not always knowing where they are or when they’ll be back (or if they’ll come back), not always being able to get in contact with them, the list goes on and on...


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