Does she like me more than friends? Mixed signals?

So I met this girl at work, about a month ago. I soon got her snap, and she invited to go swimmimg with her, and her best friend. She said she didn't wanna call it a date, because we barely know eachother yet. After that we constantly would make plans to hangout just us two. She texts me all the time, and responds really fast. The last time we hung out we were in the back of the car talking, and she puts her legs over mine and we continue talking. Then the next day she said I didn't mean it in a sexual way. So I don't know if she's playing hard to get or she just likes me as a friend. Whenever we hangout it's for several hours, and we have great convos.


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  • She obviously likes sex and she's with you just for sex

    • We haven't even kissed or anything yet! What makes you assume that?

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    • Then why would she say i didn't mean it in a sexual way with the whole leg thing?

    • You don't react to his behaviour the way she wants. That's all.

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  • Ask her
    Simple as. that
    If you cannot, then keep dreaming...


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