Not wanting a relationship yet but take it slow, is he being genuine?

We’ve been dating a couple months, we said we wouldn’t date other people but he wasn’t ready for relationship yet. He was moving it fast first then slowed us down and discussed his career moves, maybe leaving city for couple months soon.

We aren’t 100% stable in understanding our needs with each other, which has put us on pause a lot and arguments. We finally talked it out. He still wants to date but isn’t quite ready to jump into relationship.

We have gone through a lot and shared so many things. We both have our insecurities. I understand that but I also think it’s bad not to risk and be together and it’s also bad to jump into relationship when we’re not emotionally stable with each other.

Should I give it time (and how long) and let us keep dating and see if we can find stability? Let it go? Or give him an ultimatum?

Any advice would help, thanks.
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  • It comes down to whether he is worth the wait or not. Sounds like you both have a lot of problems with your core or foundation relationship. I am not a big fan of forcing something work when it just doesn't. The better a relationship is, the easier it is. So if you find yourself always struggling and having to work work work to keep something going, I believe you are seeing the wrong person. With any relationship, the slowest pace any partner wants to go has the right of way. So if you don't like it, I suggest breaking up so you can focus on finding someone with the same goals as you. You can also continue to see him, but keep your eyes open for someone else in case this relationship continues to go nowhere.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It sounds like you are in a relationship. Why don't you think you are?

    • I’ve asked him and he said we are seeing where it goes

  • Not sure why women keep falling for the same thing.. To put it bluntly, a guy who is getting the milk for free is not likely to want to buy the cow.


What Girls Said 1

  • Take it slow


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