Does he like me more then a friend?

So I met this guy through my neighbor but we haven't hung out or anything but he added me on fb and asked for my number and he texts me a lot. He was asking me if I liked certain interest as him and asked to go boating and fishing with him. He joked around saying "there better be a friendly hug" and asking me to go for car rides or take our dogs for walks at a dog park. Does he like me or just wanna be friends?

Thanks in advance for answers :)


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  • I see as even if he does, what are you going to do about it. The ball is more on your court than anything. Reverse the question. What are yiu going to do if he do or dont like you? Do you like him? Are you going take the steps to get him or just sut back watch as he do little hints and signs?

    • I do like him and that's why I haven't tried anything or showed signs cause I wanna see if he actually does like me and I'm not over thinking things or gettimg the wrong idea. That's why im on here askimg ppls opinions before I even try anything so I rather know before making moved and looking silly

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    • How you think guys feel when they are expected to make a move? Not so fun when reject esp if they are your friend. Awkward as fuck!

    • Well thats how I'm feeling lol

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