What does this mean?

I was texting someone yesterday and last night I went to go text them something and it said massage failed invailed location or something like that.so I thought they blocked me by accident.anyway I got my friend to text them and hers said the same thing.and she said sometimes it does it to her and then by the next day it will work again.so I tried this morning and it still said the same thing.so I tried on another phone and said same thing.so I do not think it is my phone that has the problem I think it is the other persons.but does anybody know what it could be? because I really need to talk to them but I can't get in touch with them!

please help me!


thanks for the info yall.but everything is ok now.he got in touch with me.and said his phone fell out his pocket when he was riding his motorcycle.so it is in pieces.so I am good now.but thank you!


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  • If you need to get in touch with them, just call them. Text messages are nothing but an annoyance and a lot of guys don't even check theirs because of how annoying they get.

  • It means they shut their texting off completely by calling their cell company, or they had their cell shut off. I personally have mine shut off so girls can't text me. Because they don't know when, to say, when.


    • Agreed! text messages are the single most annoying thing ever devised. I had mine shut off as well.

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