Why did he remove me from all of his social media?

so i've been dating this guy for a month, things were super nice and everything was going really well. until one day he suddenly changed and said that he couldnt do it anymore because he's not ready for a relationship atm. fast forward, we met and talked it out. the talk went really well and we both weren't feeling any awkwardness and even joked around for a bit. but the weird thing was that after he joked around (the vibe was super cool), he wouldn't look at me when i said "bye" to him when i was leaving. he suddenly turned cold? i dont want to put too much thought about it, but is it because he's sad that he couldnt look at me in the eye or what? but tbh i thought we could stay friends after that, cos things were super cool when we talked about it. but then a few days later, he removed me from his snapchat and unfollowed me from his instagram, but didn't block my number. do you guys have any idea why is this guy doing this to myself? is it because he's trying to move on and seeing my face isn't helping at all or does he hate me so he couldnt bear seeing my face? please help, im totally out of idea right now, thanks!


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  • He doesn't love you.


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