My boyfriend pushed me hard should I break up with him?

Some background info. My boyfriend can be rather extreme in his moods.. he’s beyond genius level IQ... still lives at home & is 26.. going back to school again after already having 2 degrees (in a field he doesn’t want to work in) partially because he watched a schoolmate fatally shot & stabbed next to him in class.. I am significantly older than him.. his family still hasn’t met me & barely knows about me after almost a year of us dating. However he tells me that I Am the One.. that he knew it when he met me.. tells me he wants to marry me. But that he has to get his life in order, school/be more independent (not sure of a timetable on that) his is an ethnic family & he is the eldest (expected to take over the family) I am quite well off financially so, it doesn’t matter to me what he does in that regard. At least his parents won’t think I’m a gold digger.
Back to the original question. We only get to see each other one sometimes two days a week. On this particular day he had gone to the gym he’s a bodybuilder. And had said he was tired, but still wanted to see me. He had been in a foul mood most of the day, but I know he’s like that & deal with it when he is. He stopped at a friends house on the way (we live 45min away from each other) and fell asleep for about an hour. He woke up& came over. He immediately went to bed to go to sleep… barely said hello to me. I could tell he was really tired so I got up and went in the other room to watch TV he took this as I didn’t want to be in the room with him started to pack a couple of clothes that he has at my place and went to walk out the front door to leave. I immediately jumped up and asked him what the problem was his comment was I’m leaving. I asked him please don’t I love you, please don’t go please get back in bed I’m sorry if that upset you. He kept saying I want to go I want to leave I asked him again please don’t go please don’t leave. He then grabbed Me by the arms and pushed me back hard


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  • if a man touched you in any way other than affectionately , he should should be kicked to the curb..


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