Why did she all of a sudden?

snap? a friend of mine all of a sudde after a year... turned on me and snapped. She completely turned on me and started a fight with me... she manipulated a situation and then blamed me for it too happen after i got angry she told. others i was crazy and mentally 'healthy'. Kind of like gaslighting... i was insanely shocked as too someone i knew. from. the get go could turn on me like a monster and showed her true colors... she is also very calculating... from what i have heard she had anger issues and she has been in a troubled home for youths growing up like a boarding school... she also has a criminal record for armed robbery...


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  • Probably under a lot of stress and just took it out in the nearest person.

    • nooo... it was a night out clubbing and shit

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    • what triggered her was me getting attention

    • Shit. Well stop being so awesome and share the love.

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