He hasn’t messaged me?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for a while. We met before then and we talked in person cause I called him up extra late one night. before he left to visit family. He made me promise I’d let him take me out. All the time there he kept texting me and saying how bad he couldn’t wait to see me and take me out !! He’s a nerdy type guy, not a guy I’d be with. Anyways I gave him a chance he’s been begging to go on a date and take me out and see me like he’s super clingy type and affectionate. So we didn’t go out because I didn’t wanna be seen with him I feel bad that i think of it and we was supposed to have went out but i kept making up excuses and he’d stay asking. Anyways one day he had got off work at 10 and we was gonna get some to eat and I didn’t wanna be out with him so I went to his dorm. We got there he tried to hold my hand but I was too shy to. and basically we cuddled all night. He kept saying how he was so glad we’d finally been together and shit and he was like EXTRA clingy he was touching me like all romantically like in the movies 😂 i couldn’t breathe he was smothering me. I couldn’t sleep because he was so fkn clingy &wanted to touch like hands and stuff. kept pulling me in like he was sleep holding my hand. I tried pulling away he’d keep hugging me & laying on me ugh! He even wanted to shower the next morning together. He was acting all in love!
we’re both virgins so we didn’t have sex but we did fool around a bit & he sucked my boobs. He kept asking if he did something wrong. no sex or fingering etc. next day he didn’t even wanna get up he wanted to lay in bed but like I wanted to leave so he took me home it was going on like 1 pm so I had to leave. he said he’d take me out. he did try to before but I’d just make excuses. it’s been a day he hasn’t hit me up he was watching my Snapchat stories then he stop and I’ve seen him on Facebook.. I didn’t message him or anything. But I’m waiting on him to and he hasn’t. So what’s up why hasn’t he hit me up?


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