Help with approaching a stranger girl who showed signs of interest?

I started going to the gym few months ago,
And there is most the I come a very quite girl,
Sometimes I sneak an eye on her and i caugh her doing the same, sometimes she sees me and smile
And all the other small signs but we never spoke more then, "could I get in sets with that machine?"
Few days ago after I went and she wasn't there after the exercise I went to have lunch at the mall
And went to have a seat while hearing music with earphones She while walking with a friend 10 meters away asked loudly so I could hear how I'm doing and how are me, with a big stupid smile
I think she's 90% into me but I have no clue how to approach her cause I don't even know her name

How to approach her next time at the gym?
Without thoes "do you come here often?" clithe


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