Suddenly no answer to message?

So I met a guy on tinder, went well and we went on a date about 10 days ago, which went pretty well he messaged to say he wanted to meet again after. Planned another date for the next weekend.

Switched to whatsapp where we were messaging pretty consistently every day, very flirty. We had a few drinks after work when we bumped into each other while out separately, hung out for a few hours and he walked me home and we kissed. More flirty texts between this and the date we'd already planned.

Went on the pre-planned date which went well again then ended up back at mine watching a movie. When it finished we ended up staying up talking until about 2am and offered that he could stay over (as his is difficult to get back to) - made it clear we would not be sleeping together.

We hooked up a little bit, nothing major and then spent some of the day together until around lunch when he left. As he'd told me before he wasn't good at dating I sent him a message saying I'd had a nice time and would like to do something again. Now no response for the whole day (normally answers within an hour) - did I mess up?


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  • Probably busy. Give him some space and you'll be fine.


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