Girls, Girls help me out ?

So I finally asked out my crush after taking her to go hang out and get ice cream after. The next day i (texted) and asked her if she sees potential for us to be ‘something more’ and to be completely honest with me and she said it takes her a while to see someone like that and she couldn’t tell me honestly. Then said she’s looking for someone and if it happens it happens for us , and she EVEN told me she’s not curving me so I’m like wtf? So basically what I wanna ask you girls is would you say this to a guy you are just getting to know but like? (cause I’m still getting to know her I’ve been taking to her for about a month on and off) . Or is she just giving me bullshit lol? And also since she doesn’t know if she has feelings for me yet, have you girls ever took time to develop feelings for a guy you were attracted to? Or do you already know before hand?


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  • No, I think she gave an honest answer. I'm liking this as well. Although I may date a man it doesn't mean I'm ready to go the extra mile right away. It takes time... trust. It's dating then relationships.

    I think she digs you but just needs time to see if you're the man she wants to invest her time into. Time is valuable the older you get. My advice is to wait it out and keep dating her.


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