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A guy hasn’t waited four months to go out with me he’s a really close friend and knows everything about me in may he told me he liked me and would wait until i felt the same way today he came up to me in person and told me again he texted me 10 minutes ago saying he wants to date me but my bestfriend told me if i date him she’ll never talk to me again she liked him a year ago but nothing ever happened bc he wasn’t into her but i really like this dude but he has a hoe reputation so what should i do


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  • If you two are interested in each other then go for it. People will constantly come in and out of your life and you shouldn't change your desires just because one friend of yours is upset with it. Although if you're concerned he won't be loyal, you should just try to get to know him more and find out for yourself if he's the one or if he's just trying to get with you for a one-night stand.

  • Well I mean relationship are beautiful but friendship can always help after the relationship broke off and you are on those sad mood moments so I say stick with your friend


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