If a girl frequently takes a while to respond to text messages, would a guy eventually not want to talk to her?

I’ve never been a big texter. Truthfully I often reply slow to texts because i prefer face to face conversations or phone calls. I usually keep messages short and sweet. I don’t go big on text conversations. I’d likely be labeled a dry texter. Aside from that, my work schedule causes me to lose my drive to keep in contact. Would that be a turn off?


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  • As long as he knows the reason it's fine, however if he didn't know, he would probably think that you ignore him and would move on🤔

  • As long as you tell him why you don't reply quickly, if he is a good guy he should respect that. However if you don't, it could make him frustrated as he doesn't know if you want to talk to him or not

  • I think that as long as you actually spend time with him it won't matter that much


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