Almost boyfriend ignores me?

So what do I do if I can't get over the boy i've liked for 6 months (we were almost dating and stuff) but now he never texts me again and if I send something he replies with short texts :(. What do I do to make him interested in me or how can I let him go?


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  • This sounds tough, but I think it is best to let him go, if he isn't interested anymore it's unlikely he will ever be again. Find someone better and will always be interested

    • But like the problem is that we were really good friends and in my mind it was going to be the perfect relationship when you are very good friends. But whenever I talk with another guy I don't attracted because it's not the same it was as with him. Do you understand?

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    • In your own way, it will take time but it will happen if you let it happen, best of luck

    • You are really nice! Thankyou so much!!

  • leave him now

    • But I can't get him out of my head!

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    • Okay thank you I'll think about it

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