We haven't talked in 2 months but will see each other in a week, do I text him?

this guy and I had a thing towards the end of the school year where we would go out together, hook up, nothing serious but wasn't just about the sex. we went home for summer break and said wed see where things went in the fall. we talked a good amount in the beginning of summer but we haven't talked in 2 months after I didn't reply to his text. ill see him in a week ish. should I text him or wait to see what its like in person? I still like him and would love to pick up where we left off
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What Guys Said 1

  • If you are going to text him.
    Tell him why didn't you answer.

    • I didn't reply to him bc he started giving me slow responses

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    • how about "hey kinda out of the blue sorry I never replied you seemed busy but ill probably be seeing you soon so just checking if we're cool"

    • It's too aggressive
      Try a more subtle approach like:
      Hi, how are you?
      How was your summer break?
      Then you can slowly hint that you can't wait to see him like: I can't wait for school to start ;)

What Girls Said 1

  • Open Liners of Convo... Text or Talk. xx


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