Girls, Am I universally unattractive to American women?

I'm Irish. A white guy. I'm going to the US in a few months, to live with my brother. I'm scared. I feel ugly. So many people say that American women do not find white guys attractive. The conventional attractive is guy in America is a black guy. That's OK. I love black people , so, good for them! But damn it hurts so bad. My self esteem has plummeted. If American women do not find guys like me attractive then what do I do? I guess I'll have to struggle to get an American woman to even look at me, right? I don't know. Maybe it's not like this. But people say it is. Black guys are the attractive men of America - so I feel like I'll never be enough. Can any American person help me out? Can you confirm this to be true and then tell me what I can do to not feel so down over this? Just right now I feel like I'll never be happy. Look maybe you will think I am joking but I am not, really, I'm being serious. Maybe this question sounds stupid to you - but I have no idea what America is really like. I'll accept it if it that's how it really is. I'll have to live with it.

But pretty much is there a chance that even half of American women would like a guy like me?

This whole thing makes me feel universally unattractive and just worthless overall. Look I know trolling on this topic is common, but really I am not trolling. If anyone can PM me to help me out, I'd appreciate it.

Just please take this question seriously, please be genuine. I need your advice.

WIll American women just see me as ugly and worthless?
Girls, Am I universally unattractive to American women?
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