Is it okay for me to be worried/upset my girlfriend wants to go to Europe without me?

She had plans to go before we met with her friend to visit another friend who lives overseas and she told me about this before we even dated. However she had never mentioned it again and made plans with me to travel internationally but didn't seem to remember or care about that when her friend started planning that trip. It's all rubbing me the wrong way because she didn't invite me or come up with a way to include me like halfway or let me come when I asked after we'd both talked about wanting to travel and see the world together. She kinda ditched out plans to go to Europe with just her friends. She said she won't be able to afford another international trip for a while after (we are students). Do I have a right to be mad in this situation?


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  • Why should you be mad? You don't own her and she definitely is just thinking about spending time with her friends. Partners shouldn't automatically assume to be included in all activities the other partner has.

    • That's not what I mean

    • I meant because we had plans that she bailed on (for potentially 1-2 years) bc something else came up

    • You should totally talk it out with her though. Still it's no reason to be mad, although I can understand how you are feeling 🙂.

  • You both in Any Relationship, Need... Space, Not always with each other's Face.
    Ber a Good Boy and Find Friends and Have Fun, hun. xx


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