Do I have high expectations for my lovers? (For guys and girls)?

Here are my expectations in a lover:

Weight: Anything under 300 will do
Face: As long as they have one id say its a ok (but i do have certain face types I find unnatractive)
Body shape: I dont really care
Height: I want girls to be only a bit shorter than me so maybe 5'9-5'6
Personality: Maybe a little more on the boyish side, funny, nice, a little bitchy, and an all around great person to be around
I dont like it when girls wear make up, it just looks really fake sometimes. I suppose that may be a deal breaker for some. Honestly i'm pretty open to a homosexual relationship, im all about experimenting and spicing things up. Since im willing to be in a long term relationship with a man I suppose ill put my expectations for men to

Face:More masculine than feminine, but i dont mind if its 50/50

Weight: Anything under 250

Body type: i guess more muscles than fat but again, I dont really care
Height: taller than me, being dominated by a guy is super great tbh and itd be easier if he were taller than me so about 6'2-6'5

Personality: Nice, fun to hangout with, not too fem but also not to manly, itd be nice to see eye to eye with eachother often.


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  • Nope, I think you have plenty of options


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