Have you ever dated someone who don't like to take pictures if so why?


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  • Yes because she did not like the way she looked when I tried to take her pic.


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  • Nope... but I’m one of those... I will not take pictures... lol and I hate when people are like cmonnnnn take one with me! I want one with yiu! How are gonna donthat to me? I never see you... etc etc... ugh! I said no!
    And no my boyfriend won’t have any of me either... cause I don’t like how I look in pictures.. simply because of that. I like how I look in real life.

    • So if someone have a picture of you would you hide your face when they take it since you don't like taking pics?

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    • If people dont like taking pics and someone take a pic anyway do the person tend to cover their face or would they do something else?

    • Depends on the person... some people, don’t like it and when someone suddenly just takes one, some people, must have a serious face instead of warm smile... or put up their hand or look away, or duck down as to avoid being seen..

      I for example start screaming like aaaah!! Nooooo!! Lol and I try to hide and leave the picture! If they make me stay, I try to out my hand I. My face as soon as the pic is taken and then someone will yell no!! Take another one, she covered her face! Lol and it’s just more annoying.

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  • Nope, but then again I have not dated any one officially yet

  • Yes a few times but I hate photos too.

    • So if someone try to take a pic of you would you hide your face or would you do something else since you don't like to take pics?

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