Did I do the right thing? ..What would you have said or done?

I signed up with an online dating site awhile back and I met my current boyfriend from this site and evey since we have been dating he has in his head that I am a big flirt because of my subscription online and my facebook, myspace, and mocospace pages. But I have not indicated/showed in any way that I am a flirt because I am not but he seems to think so. Anyways I canceled those pages to make him happy. Was that the right thing to do? -- I miss my pages.


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  • If you care about him more than the interaction that you got from those pages, then yes, that was the best thing to do. Relationships are all about compromise, and sometimes we give up little things that we like/want for what we are more interested in (the relationship).

    Best wishes.


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  • I think so. Or, at least changing the pages would have been a good alternative, too. You could have deleted the dating pages, and changed the social sites.

    The second I felt like I was in a real relationship, I changed the pages to say "in a relationship."

    I didn't have a dating page until long after we had broken things off.

    Either way, I personally think you did the right thing.

  • It sounds like he was intimidated by the pages you had. He likely felt like you were somewhat still interested in finding someone else, or at least that's what I'm getting out of what you're saying. As far as the right thing, well it probably will make him feel better, but you might have been able to just talk to him and convince him that he's got nothing to be afraid of.


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