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I've known my best guy friend for over 15 years and freshman year of high school he would always tell me how beautiful I am but I always took it as he just wanted to hook up and didn't want anything serious throughout high school, he had two serious relationships but in those time periods he continued to tell me how much he loved me and wanted me. When we left for college he was in a 2 year relationship and tole me he never wanted to mess our friendship up so he never tried to pursue anything. Even his parents want us together. His relationship lasted the first year of college but they recently broke up in the beginning of summer. At first, he was very depressed which is expected but then he tried to pursue me but only to hook up. We finally did to try things out but while doing this he was getting with other girls so it upset me. He started talking to this girl and she wanted to date but he said no but they had sex so I was upset with him and he got mad at me for that. We went to a bar a few nights after and I was with a guy and he made a huge scene and was fighting with me and told me he ended things with that girl (lied about it). We talked about everything and he was how he doesn't want to lose a friendship because of his immaturity. He explained how neither of us will marry anyone we date right now and he wants to see where we are at when were older because after that fight he said it scares him to lose me. He wants to continue to hook up though. he always says he wants me in his future but he does stupid things like this which just turns me off. any guy im with her says im too good for and its all double standards for me


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  • well he seems confused and dont want any serious relationship with you...


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