How do you expect to be treated after a one night stand?

I had a 1 night stand with a tinder date on the weekend. We went out drinking and then came back to my place and got it on.

She slept over until the morning.
When she woke up I made her eggs on toast for breakfast and I offered to drive her home so that she didn't have to do the walk of shame.

Im not trying to win any kindness awards, its just that she kept saying stuff like "your too nice" or "you didn't have to do this" and laughed (In a friendly kind of surprised way) when I told her I would make breakfast.
So whats the normal deal when it comes to one night stands?
What normally goes on?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think what you did was great, I'd love to be treated like that!

  • Well since she was drunk, it's cool that you let her spend the night.. But usually you kick them out right after the sex or it could get awkward.
    Like what if she just got too comfortable and now she thinks you want more of her as in dating terms? lol just be careful.

    • I don't mind if it turns into dating with the right person.
      I just like to keep my options open which is why I like to keep it casual at the beginning.

    • Ohh I think you should make that decision first before you go for a one night stand lol. Depending on the type of girl you desire to date.

What Guys Said 1

  • First off your thi king about rules and boundaries that society wants. Stop. Focus on whats working for you now, your nice your kind, so. If you feel you need to brake it off. Do it. You dont mind her company then keep her around. I wouldn't adk what normal or okay. Cause obviously what your doing is okay enough to put a smile on her face. Soooook to me its all cool from here.


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