What does it mean if a girl deletes me off of snap but is still constantly liking my pictures on instagram?

About a year ago me and my friends had all got this dating app that we decided to try out for fun just to see what it would be like or who would be on there. One day I got a text from one girl that was really cute but she said she was also really shy and that she only got the courage to talk to me because we were talking online and not in person. Skip forward a few weeks and we start texting on instagram and on snapchat, sending each other video tours of our houses and sending pictures back and fourth until I get the courage to ask if she wants to start dating online. I told her not much would really be different cause we live a few states away from each other (at the time I was in Pennsylvania and she was in Michigan) and I don't have a car so I wouldn't be able to see her, probably for a long time, and when ever I do see her I want to be able to see her as my girlfriend. She loved the idea of dating online and she started telling everyone that me and her were dating now, and that she also really wanted to see me too. Skip forward a few months and we were skyping eachother almost every day, just talking about random stuff all day and staying up until like 3 am but one day she stopped answering my Skype calls, then I tried to text her on snap and it said she blocked me... so in my head i said okay she just might not be into me anymore or something so I just kind of gave up. It's been about 2 months sense then and she's been liking all of my pictures on instagram but she still has me blocked on snap. I don't really have any dating experience and the only person I really dated before her was a guy so this was an entirely new situation from what I've had before, is she still into me? Or am i just over thinking the situation?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She kinda sounds obsessed with you.

    • I don't know maybe, i just dont know why she would block me but is still liking my pictures

    • probs because she is terrified to know if you don't like her back? she sounds insecure and stalkerish

What Guys Said 1

  • SHe's playing head games this you

    • Should I hit her up on instagram to see what's up with her or should I just pretend I don't even see it?

    • Play the game back with her let her chase you now

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