After being with my husband for 10 years.. He turns his back to me in bed and moves when I touch. Do my husband still loves me.. Guys/Girls tell me?


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  • You have to ask him, why he's doing this, what's the problem? If he kept repeating it for no reason and refuse to tell you why or he's giving you a lot of unreasonable excuses then it's a red alert!

    • Thats exactly what he does.. giving excuses that makes no sense

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    • Im not really sure if i would say cheating.. its possible not saying your wrong but i believe he might want to be single or date other people

    • That's something insane, when someone is in love having a nice girlfriend with him, why would he want to be single? Except if he didn't love his girlfriend anymore... or he have someone in mind, to dump you ans be with her and that's something bad, when a man have a woman who loves him a lot, he shall stick with her and marry her, because her feelings ain't a game to play with...

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  • No one here can tell you that, how someone expresses love is different on an individual level. You should be talking to him about what you need to feel loved if physical affection if part of that and trying to initiate better communication as a whole for your relationship

    • Of course you are right... im just curious i believe he is selfish and rather me beg him.. we talked about it but he'll change for like two days then here we go with the back turning and move when my skin barely touch him.. I like taking showers with my husband.. cooking together but he want me to bath him and he is ready to get out like dude just stay in the shower with me.. only he want to stay if we have sex.. other then that he's out.. piss me off to the extreme!

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  • Maybe you've just gone past the honeymoon stage, love isn't as Good as it used to be in the beginning for him.

  • Why have u not spoken to him

    • I have talked to him.. but he will change his sleeping habits for like a day or 2 then here he is sleeping a mile away from me with his back turn.. but one thing i notice he STOP kissing once he leave for work!!!

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