I made out with my guy best friend and I want to know if it's okay or are the feelings somewhat mutual?

okay here's the scoop.i've known him for 2 and a half years already and we've been best friends for 2 ears so far,somewhere last year, I feel in love with him but was pretty much in denial and even help him hook up with his girlfriend.but they broke up after a few months and he was devastated and pretty much avoided everyone including me. now however, things are back to normal and we're closer than ever. he had to leave to Australia for his degree. on my birthday then, I confessed to him that I had feelings for him and he was pretty cool about it. and said he had moments he was confused about our relationship as well, but choosed to push it aside. recently, we met up and took a drive. then we were sitting and we cuddled and all that. I then asked him if he would be my first kiss. and we both know a relationship at this point wasn't practical as the long distance relationship simply didn't seem right. then, he asked me if I was expecting a relationship and I said no. and I told him I didn't want him to think I was a slut or something, he denied that and hugged me. he agreed to kiss me and we made out, ever so passionately. it was more than I could imagine. I know him so well and he isn't the kinda guy who simply makes out with girls for the fun of it. could it be that he likes me too but just know that we can;t be in a relationship for a few personal reasons I don't wanna share? because from the intense make out session we had, he treated me like a precious gem, never going overboard.I'm kinda confused now. we made a promise that things won't be awkward between us but know I think I like him even more.what should I do?


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  • Wow that was 6 years ago. How did things turn out between you two?

  • Lucky You girl... Savour the precious moments and go with the flow...

    Good Luck.. !

    • really? you think so?any chances that he likes me too? because now both of us are acting like it didn't happen and we haven't seen each other since as were both busy..

    • May be or even may be not...

      Dont want to discourage you but may be he might have started looking at you as a friend with benefits...!

      Well I would rather advice you not to press hard on to this...

      Best Wishes

    • i guess you're right..but now we haven't really spoken to each other since tht day..i guess I knw wht the barrier is..his mum disapporves of him having a relationship now..and I dun want any drama..i guess it's not worth it..looking at it, I dun think it's worth the drama..love isn;t suppose to be this full of drama..atleast to me..

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  • I think he knows that you both are such great friends, and he is afraid if you start a relationship, he'll loose you. Obviously if he was so passionate with you, he does have feelings, but again, doesn't want to loose you..

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