Do girls find dating extremely easy?

With the advent of online dating, and massive pressure on men to pursue women. Do girls find the abundance of interested suitors cumbersome? At my university (which is quite large). I'd say I would be down to date about it 90% of them.


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  • Nope. Not at all. Just cause you're into almost every female doesn't mean every other guy is. Plus she might not be attracted to the dude and there's always fuckbois, perverts and abusers to watch out for.
    Its not like in some dumb movie where every girl is swarmed with lovesick men

    • Into? That’s a very strong word lol. I just meant “consider dating”, which is WAY diff than being interested. And tbh I think most guys are attracted to almost all girls, how else do a couple of guys rack up >400 partners at ur local college (not me btw)

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  • No, because there are tons of guys who are DTF but no guys who want serious relationships, so hooking up is easy but finding someone genuine to date is not.

    • This isn't true at all. I and many others would love a serious relationship! The only guys that I know that really don't want a serous relationship are guys who are swarmed by women. It would be pretty dumb if they settled down.

      But you're about one thing, we are DTF lol.

  • Not many women find dating easy, they don’t look for people they can date, they want people who they want to date. Also, does your confidence come from results or are you just cocky?

    • No I said, I would be down to date 90% of girls not that 90% of girls wanna date me. Lol if the latter were true, I certainly wouldn’t be on here

  • Not at all

    • Can you explain? Im not saying you're wrong, but it seems to contradict what we all see day to day. Most girls are getting so much attention, most of it end up being unwanted.

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