How does she feel?

Last year, I did a second job for some extra money, and met this girl that I had instant chemistry with. We were basically inseparable while we worked, and we were very open with each other. She did reveal to be in a relationship and had recently had a son. But we stayed close. When I left, we stayed in moderate contact and we recently started talking a whole lot more. She started being more flirtatious with me, and I noticed all her boyfriends pictures were deleted off her social media. We started talking about getting together and then she didn't answer me for a few weeks. I sent her a message saying I really liked her, and I felt she liked me. But I wasn't sure where we were going, and I was curious on her thoughts on it. She replied a week later saying that she was 8 years older than me, and asked if I thought that was a problem. I told her is wasn't, and she said relationships can be problematic. I said I saw her point, and I asked how she felt since she knew how I felt. She said she thought I was very attractive, and we got along great, but we needed to hang out more.
I responded saying I thought she was super attractive and I agreed we got along great. I asked if she wanted to get together this week, and I didn't hear anything. I asked if she had plans a few days ago, so we could get together, and still nothing. One thing to note, we've only been talking on Instagram.
She finally responded, saying she didn't have minutes on her phone but would be willing to call me, and we discussed getting together and she said she was interested in seeing a movie and we discussed when. But I think she's gone to bed, cause she hasn't said anything since. But I really like her and I'm not sure how she feels.
She is very speratic on her answers, and I don't wanna Miss out on going out.


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  • Sorry dude I don't have her on social media and she has never texted me about what u r saying but its all good it will all come out today I hope that u can make the party


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