How do I cope with knowing a guy rejected me because i'm ugly?

We met no so long ago, we got along pretty well and hung out together many times taking our dogs, he even met my friends and hung out together with them one day. I've always told myself it was only a matter time before he too leaves and stops talking to me, and it's what happened after he took selfies of both of us and pics of me in which I looked like I am, ugly. He thought all along I was cute. I was open to friendship, and it always felt like they were dates when we hung out.
It's not the first time that this happens, but it always hurts as much, even though I know beforehand it will happen. How can I cope? I'm awfully depressed.


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  • We create our own realities. You're creating yours. YOU get to decide - you are your own worst enemy.
    I would encourage you to seek professional help. A counselor - they can help you sort through mental issues like this. Help you realize what is real and what is made up.
    Somehow you need to move past the victim mentality. It just doesn't look good on you.

    And now Browneye's homework assignment...
    Go to your local mall, the big one in town, and instead of shopping, pick a seat or bench in the middle of the busiest hub of the mall. Sit and watch all the people walking buy. Watch for all the beautiful and not so beautiful people, walking hand in hand, laughing and enjoying their mates. I think you'll be amazed at how normal everyday people are. It's a matter of finding someone you're compatible with. There's someone for everyone.

    Good luck. You have much work to do.


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  • You aren't ugly i'm sure. It better having a bad look than having a bad heart. You are valuable and don't be sad. You are beautiful. the ugly one is not you, the ugly one is the boy who stops talking to you because of you look. Don't worry you are beautifulā¤

    • Thank you for your comfort (l) I appreciate it, and you are beautiful person as well.

    • Thank you and don't lose your hope, you are a beautiful person and you'll find what you are looking for. You have a pure heart and beautiful faceā¤

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  • He told you you're cute, so you definitely aren't ugly, especially since he took Selfies with you in them.

    Be more confident, because people sense when you are not. Did he specifically tell you he is not interested, or what?

    • No, he stopped talking to me and doesn't seem as enthusiastic as he was when I text after that day. He no longer invites me to take our dogs out and hang out in the beach, he only once did asking I bring a friend along which he never did.
      I really am ugly, it's just my joyful bubbly personality around him and niceness that might have made him think of me as cute, he would call me kitten and he complimented my physic saying I had beautiful hair. But I have an ugly face that looks awful in pictures :/ many guys before walked away after seeing random pictures or sometimes my own selfies, even guys I thought were friends.

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    • No as i said I was open to being friends but it always seemed that it wasn't purely that.
      I know he thinks i'm ugly for all the reasons I mentioned.

    • Are you sure you didn't say or do something that turned him off? He knew what you look like from the get go. Some People Look worse in pics than they do in 3D.

  • Just because one guy might find you physically unattractive does not mean we all do. For instance, I have no desire whatsiever to fuck Lorde because her cankles are giving me nightmares, but lots of guys would love to fuck Lorde and find her hot.

  • '' I've always told myself it was only a matter time before he too leaves and stops talking to me''

    You programmed your own mind into a self fulfilling prophecy. Our subconscious takes orders. .. tell it something enough. Eventually it becomes true.

    You've always told yourself... = you've always instructed the power of your own mind to create what you told it to create.

    • It's what happened, not what I created. Even though I have dark thoughts, I can't help but slightly hope it is different this time and act positive when around others.

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