My crush’s friends know me?

I was out in a coffee place and bumped into my crush’s friends. (I barely know them) and once they saw me they sat close and one of them said my crush’s name before another one turned to see me. I have never met them before but only recognize one of the guys because last time I bumped into my crush, they were both looking over.
My crush has talked about me to his friends, what does that mean?


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  • He's interested.

  • Good to hear that

  • He's told them he wants to smash... you in particular so they remember who you are. He may also be obsessed and unconsciously mention you all day to everyone within earshot.

    • So you think it’s more sexual?

    • It is usually what ever it is you have to offer... that is the most dominant factor. For most girls your age... it's rarely personality.

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