Do you like clingy guys?

Clingy, but not overly clingy. What do you girls think?
Do you like clingy guys?
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What Girls Said 3

  • Depends what you mean by clingy. I like knowing that he likes me and considers me a priority, but I also want him to have his own life and not rely only on me.

    And if he double texts me a "?" message if I don't respond fast enough, he's toast. I don't do that.

    • I get it, but why don’t you want him to be more attached to you?

    • It's too much pressure. I don't want to be his only happiness. If I'm at work, or hanging with the girls and I don't check my phone for a couple hours, I need to know he's not gonna fall apart.

  • I like that he desires me, but if he couldn’t leave me alone occasionally it would drive me crazy.

  • I like them

    • What’s ideal? When they are more independent?

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